Greetings from the Assessment Committee!

Assessing student learning outcomes is an ongoing process and involves all members of the Highline community.

Continuous assessment activities allow us to identify what our students are learning, and whether our teaching strategies are working. With that information we can adapt and improve our teaching techniques.

Documenting our assessment activities and sharing them with others on campus helps us all improve our teaching methods. This process can promote further conversations within departments, leading to informed curricular decisions.

Have Questions? Need Help?

Please email us with your questions and/or comments. Or contact any Assessment Committee member.

Continuous improvement cycle: teach, measure, reflect, improve
We follow a modified Deming Cycle of assessment activities.

Getting Started

All full-time faculty are expected to complete a minimum of one assessment per quarter using the Assessment Tool. Part-time faculty are also encouraged to complete assessments each quarter.

We've prepared a quick overview of how to document assessments at Highline: Quick Start Guide.

If you are ready to get started, please head to the Assessment Tool to start documenting your assessment.

Learn About Assessing Outcomes

We've developed a comprehensive list of information and resources to help you in your teaching and assessment activities: Teach | Measure | Reflect | Plan & Improve.

Funding for Assessment Projects

We can provide funding for your assessment projects. These funds can provide resources to help departments:

A department may receive more than one grant, and more than one person may submit proposals for a department. Several departments may choose to collaborate and submit a joint proposal.

See Funding for Assessment Projects for more information.

Assessment Schedule

You should document your assessment activities every quarter. The review process of these assessments is determined by each department.

In addition, at the end of every academic year all Department Coordinators need to document departmental goals, plans, and any assessment-related support needs.

Here is the annual schedule of assessment milestones for you and your department: Assessment Schedule.

Public Committee Information

For more information, including the Highline College Assessment Plan, committee meeting minutes, committee responsibilities and more, go to the Public Assessment Drive.